Bryan Greene Psychotherapy & Couples Counselling in Bristol


I offer counselling, psychotherapy and coaching to individuals of all walks of life, 18 years and over.

Counselling and/or Psychotherapy can help with any difficulty, distress or dissatisfaction a person may be experiencing in life or more generally with regaining a sense of direction or purpose.

The Counselling or Psychotherapy “space” is supportive, confidential and unbiased. As the therapist, I will listen attentively and patiently trying to see and understand my client’s point of view as clearly as possible. This allows my client to be reflective, to feel valued and respected and able to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings. In this way, my client can begin to gain more self-respect and to see things more clearly, often from different perspectives. This normally reduces confusion for the client, helps them to contain any distress, make choices for change and navigate through transition.

Counselling is generally focused on how to approach a particular, current issue whereas Psychotherapy tends to be more in-depth and longer term exploring recurring patterns and the root causes of these, particularly childhood issues and the relationship with parents and/or prime carers. This may also include other people who have had a significant influence on early development such as siblings, grand-parents, and teachers. Psychotherapy will also explore how to manage particular, current issues differently.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves". - Viktor Frankl

My experience of working with life issues includes:

relationship difficulties; abuse • trauma • confusion • repetitive patterns
depression • anxiety • low self esteem • loneliness
anger • guilt • obsessive behaviour • addiction • phobias
bereavement • separation •
blocked creativity • loss of direction/sense of purpose/motivation
stress • assertiveness • redundancy • career development


Sessions are normally 60 minutes long, once per week.Please contact me for my current fees.. I offer a few concessionary places to those with limited financial means. I also work with individuals on Skype or Zoom. See Skype/Zoom page for further details.

"Bryan is an excellent professional and an incredible human being. I have asked for his help to improve my relationship with my partner. Living far from his place we opted for Skype sessions. I have to admit this has not been a problem at all. Otherwise, it has been a great experience as I managed to organise my day better and have the sessions from the comfort of my own home. Bryan has always offered the best option to set our sessions and has always been very accommodating our needs.

 Bryan offered both Imago Therapy and all his professional experience and this has been an incredible journey. Bryan helped me healing my childhood wounds, becoming a more calm, serene, self-assured and assertive person. His help improved my relationship not only with my partner but also with my family, friends, and colleagues at work. Bryan's kindness and reassuring personality made me feel good since the very first session. He gave me the tools to be a better individual able to face multiple daily situations in life. He taught me the language of love in my relationship, how to communicate my needs and be open and responsive instead of reactive and tuned out with both my partner and anyone else I relate to. 

My personal, familiar and professional life have massively improved thanks to Bryan. I have learnt how to understand my deep needs, feel confident about them, and how to have them met. I moved from a place of insecurity, instability, sadness, lack of confidence, to a place of trust, stability, self-assurance, responsiveness and happiness. I had the chance to recommend him to a friend of mine and she is so thankful for having found Bryan.

I strongly recommend Bryan to anyone seeking help, a warm, kind, reassuring person and professional individual that will make you feel safe and guided towards a better place in your life journey."

Thank you, Bryan, for you, your help. The idea of having the option to call you is a blessing. I know our path will cross again.. thank you again."


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